Our vision: Empower everyone to create, share and reuse interactive content

We are going to change how people think of rich interactive content. We will make it easy for everyone to create and share interactive content with a great user experience for both the content creators and the content consumers.

An exponentially growing number of websites in the world use our technology H5P to provide their users with great content. Joubel provides the website owners and content creators with tools and services to help them create and distribute state of the art H5P content.

Joubel has customers all over the world and some of the most high profile investors in the region. We're very well set up to continue our fast growth.

Introducing H5P

Mobile friendly content

Publish once, view and interact on all screens. H5P content is responsive and mobile friendly. Users experience the same rich, interactive content on computers, smartphones and tablets alike.

Share rich content

H5P enables existing CMS's and LMS's to create richer content. With H5P, authors may create and edit interactive videos, presentations, games, advertisements and more. Content may be imported and exported. All that is needed to view or edit H5P content is a web browser.

Free to use

H5P is a completely free and open technology, checkout out the Project Licensing Information page for details. Demos, downloads and documentation is available on the community site at h5p.org.

Advantages with H5P

Featured H5P content

  • Memory game

    Memory game

  • Interactive Video

    Interactive Video

  • Presentation


Example projects


NDLA uses H5P to deliver rich e-learning content using the Drupal publishing platform.


Remiks AS uses H5P to create and publish e-learning courses on their Joomla powered intranet.

Interactive Video

Joubel has created many of the available H5P content types including the popular interactive video.


NDLA is the largest open e-learning site in Norway with 2.6 million unique visitors in 2013. We previously used Flash to deliver rich interactive content. In order to meet future demands, NDLA has now chosen H5P to give our users rich experiences across all devices.

Our e-learning suppliers use H5P when delivering rich content to us, and our editors use H5P as a powerful authoring tool when creating rich content.

Joubel has in cooperation with our application management contractor created several H5P e-learning libraries beeing used on ndla.no, assisted us in converting Flash content to H5P and made custom integrations with our publishing platform. This includes integration with our media library and workflow system. Joubel has also provided us and our content providers with excellent H5P support. I would not hesitate to recommend their H5P services.”

Øivind Høines | Head of NDLA

We're hiring

With customers in eight countries, massive exponential growth and solid funding from investors and Innovation Norway we're constantly on the lookout for talented people to join our creative team.

Joubel needs great people mainly in the areas of design, development, support and community building. We're offering full time positions within these areas as well as part time positions and internships for students.

High profile organizations all over the world study and use our solutions. This gives a very strong sense of meaning and also motivates us to continuously stretch further and further to deliver world class quality in everything we do.

To get a job in Joubel you don't have to be world class from day one, but you must have the talent and motivation to become world class in your field. We do a lot to make sure that our employees are truly exceptional in our recruitment process. And we do even more to make sure that talented people are able to realise their full potential within the Joubel team.

If you're ready for a journey with the potential of shaping the future of the web, changing entire industries and improve how knowledge and happiness is spread on the web send an e-mail to jobs(at)joubel.com.

About us

Joubel was established in Norway in 2013 and is working hard every day to create richer Internet experiences with H5P.

Founding Employees

Svein-Tore Griff With

Griff With was one of the co-founders of Amendor AS and played a central part in establishing and building up the company from 2007. Amendor AS specializes on technology and e-learning content. Amendor had a revenue of 9.7 MNOK in 2012. Griff With is now Managing Director of Joubel and is also the main inventor and architect of H5P.

Griff With is a Master of Science in Industrial Economics and Technology Management from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Pål Jørgensen

Jørgensen has more than 15 years experience from the software business, where the 5 latest has been all about web technologies, open source and entrepreneurship. Jørgensen has been involved in several startups. His main responsibilities in Joubel are project management and development

Jørgensen has a bachelor degree from Østfold University College

Frode Petterson

Petterson has worked with web all of his life and is an exceptionally skilled and competent web developer. He has focused all of his career on web technologies and has an extensive expertise on open source.

Petterson has a Computer Science degree from Narvik University College.

Thomas Marstrander

Marstrander has an astonishing talent for web development. The more complex the problem is the better Marstrander performs. Marstrander wants to make H5P artificially intelligent so that teachers only have to tell H5P what it should teach and to whom, and H5P does the rest.

Marstrander has a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Get in touch

Joubel offers H5P related consultancy services. This includes development, design, advisory and training.

Here at Joubel we're always looking for talent. If you're interested in joining our team, please send us your resume.

Email us: contact@joubel.com

CO: Flow Coworking, Storgata 5, 9008 Tromsø, Norway | +47 970 43 272